Enriched Learning


This tutoring service abounds to help students get better at the subjects they find difficulties with.

We will aim to ensure teaching and learning is done with excellence.

Students will achieve success through continuous enhanced teaching and learning.

You can use the services to book lessons that are suitable for you at a specified time.

It will cost £25ph for a Primary aged pupil. £20ph each if siblings are being tutored, £30 for Secondary pupils and £35ph for Functional skills or general brush up.

Each tutor/ tutoree will be given a 3-session grace period, which will then be reviewed. After review, if both are happy, then they can continue with each other. If not, they’ll be allocated someone else.

Most of the tutors are qualified teachers. There are a few tutors, who will be just qualified TA’s.

Yes! You can book on a monthly basis by just clicking the link and selecting what services you require.

You can email enquiries@enrichedlearning.org.uk and we will get back to you in 3 working days.

Based on the services you require, we will match you with a tutor, who would deliver your services best.

Due to the fact that all lessons will be recorded, whatever time you login before 30mins, that’s the amount of time you will have left to be taught. For example, if you book a 1hr session but you turn up 15mins late, you will only have 45mins to learn.

If the tutor is more than 30mins late, s/he will have to give you back that 30mins in teaching on the same day. If they happen to miss the session, they will owe you a lesson and you won’t need to pay online. Just send an email about this and we will sort it out.

You can cancel your lesson up to 24hrs prior to your scheduled time. Anything after that, the money stays with the company. Likewise, if you are late for 30 or more minutes, you will lose your session and your money.

If you are going to cancel, please email the email address above. If the tutor cancels 24hrs in advance, we will contact you. If they cancel after that, we will try to put you with another tutor, or will just owe you a lesson.